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„Industrum Group“ engineering team has extensive experience in contract manufacturing. Using this experience, we have created a platform where you can order the production of components without wasting time searching for a suitable manufacturer with spare capacity at that time.

We are a distribution manufacturing company with a network of more than 35 carefully selected manufacturing partners. This allows us to offer our customers a competitive price and short lead time.

We specialize in CNC milling, turning, grinding and other metalworking processes. We have a lot of knowledge in these areas, so we know how to ensure high quality and short production times.

At your request, we can both design the product and select the optimal production solution. Our engineers have all the necessary experience and expertise to make your project a quality product. We aim to respond to RFQ to be submitted within a few hours of receiving the request.

If you need a product design or component production, contact the „Industrum group“ team.

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