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We provide the following metal processing services: CNC milling, CNC turning, precision flat surface grinding, cylindrical internal or external surface grinding, thread grinding, laser cutting, bending, plasma cutting, gas cutting, abrasive water jet cutting, wire EDM cutting. We can also design your product or part according to a sample or sketch.

Mechanical components production from stainless steel, aluminium, brass, bronze, steel and other materials.

At your request, we can both design the product, select the optimal production solution and produce.

We specialize in CNC milling, CNC turning, flat grinding, cylindrical grinding, thread grinding, sheet metal machining, including welding and powder coating and other metalworking processes. We have a lot of knowledge in these areas, so we know how to ensure high quality and short production times.

At your request, we can both design the product and select the optimal production solution. Our engineers have all the necessary experience and expertise to make your project a quality product. We aim to respond to RFQ to be submitted within a few hours of receiving the request.